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We have been established since June 30th 2001 in south Florida (Broward County), originally everything started as a simple move from Chicago where after working for an important outfit for eleven and a half years it was time to move on, not because I choose to but because the engine that was pushing me to move south to a warm place, it was my daughter Heidy Z.. She was diagnosed with eczema and after hopeless treatments she was getting worse, finally her doctor told me one day, your daughter is not made for this weather you need to move south to a warmer climate, right there and then I've decided to move to Florida and so the idea of a setting up a business came up.

I still remember up to this day, a good friend of mine told me one day; Do not worry Oscar, you are going to be fine, in three years from now you are going to be laugh about this moment ! ! ! It was a really sad moment for me at the time because all of my savings were almost all gone and after having the business for a year I thought I would have to close the doors even before I really had them open (metaphorically speaking). The same friend that help me choose the name of Appliance Service Group, Inc. His name is Steven Ferrell, He was telling me all this because the only good thing out of so much bad, it was that my daughter was 95% cured and he was right, just for that it was all worth it….. And that is how ASG, Inc. was born, since then we have had and still trying to improve the service industry with better and innovating ideas, such as becoming a member of the Green community. . . yes people we are going green ! ! ! ! ! !

After all of this years, we feel committed with all of our loyal customers to save the environment, but not only that, also to improve the quality of service and I mean, way above the normal standards. I guess there is no point to brag about the service we offered. I'm proud of what we do; the numbers do not lie, out of every one thousand service calls our satisfaction on calls are 99.5% and we are working hard to change that 0.5% to 0%. We apologize to that 0.5% of customers and assure you that we are committed to change that to your full satisfaction.

My name is Oscar Zetina President/Owner of Appliance Service Group, Inc. and proud of an elite team of dedicated and loyal members in the office as well as best technicians in the area. We are specialist on high end product. . .

Please let us know if you have any suggestions, so we can improve our quality of service. .

Message posted on December 20th of 2011 . . . .

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