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Diagnosis Charges

Diagnosis charges are per appliance, our current diagnosis charge now is $129.95 for the first unit and $119.95 for each unit after. This charges includes the diagnosis of the appliance or appliances depending on what we were contracted for and individual estimate for the repairs per appliance.
Appliance Service Group, Inc. (ASG) is entitle to charge for Diagnosis even if the service is cancel at the door.
To avoid charges, service must be cancel prior of us coming to customer house.
Additional diagnosis charges may apply depending on the job, for example if the diagnosis requires a second person then additional charges will apply, etc.

Traveling Fee

Charges for traveling will only apply if the appliance to be repaired is located north of Boca Raton or if is south of SW 136th St in Dade County.

Gas Leak Repairs

Charges for gas leak repairs are based on time and that is why it cannot be treated as a regular diagnosis. Our current rate for gas leak repairs is $200.00 per hour with a minimum charge of 1 hour, if the diagnosis repair exceeds the 1 hour then the charge will be applied every 15 minutes in the amount of $50.00 (if time is stopped anywhere between the 15 minutes, then the charge will apply for the full 15 minutes). If diagnosis requires a second person then additional charges will apply.

Labor Charges

Labor Charges will vary depending on the job and it will be a part of the estimate.


Parts will not be order unless approved by customer. Once approved, order has been made and order is cancel, then:

There will be a 35% restocking fee, shipping charges back and forth.
If deposit was done with a credit card then, a credit card transaction fee will apply, depending on credit card and/or charges from processing company.

If parts order was originated by customer without a previous diagnosis from one of our technicians then, Customer has full responsibility if part is wrong and charges above will apply.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions, so we can improve our quality of service. .

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